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Brand strategy

Consistency builds trust and value in your brand. Standards need to be set and if they are not adhered to at each point of contact, each one becomes a chink in the amour. Our experience tells us that brand consistency needs to be managed on an ongoing basis.

This way we become an integral part in managing your investment, but also gives us the opportunity to report on the status of your brand from an objective perspective.

Brand analytics

We are a brand strategy and communications agency and believe in bringing together the power of creativity with the transformative power of AI and Machine Learning. We help you outline the components of customer value, examine how this links to business outcomes and explain how you can build, retain and improve that value.


In business, design is a not only a matter of simply making things look good. It is an important and strategic aspect of building a brand. Design needs to make sense for the business; it serves as a visual way in which to communicate what
a brand stands for.

Humans are visual beings and first impressions count, therefore the way you present yourself to your market needs to be thoroughly thought through and planned. Wunderbrand has a fantastic creative team who have vast experience in interpreting strategy to bring visual identities to life.

Digital marketing

We are specialist in developing content and creating compelling social media. Our team of content specialists have managed global brands delivering real results. We have also played the roll of customer support, taking our skills from not only creating and managing content, but to supporting our clients customer care needs.

Sustainability Communications

Many companies are driven by generic sustainability targets set by external parties. With more of an internal focus on longer term objectives Wunderbrand can help you show more real change, versus trying to change the whole world at once.We develop clear themes that combine individual activities that will support the whole.

Training and Workshops

There still seems to be many questions with regards to how your brand strategy impacts your business. Our philosophy says that your business strategy works hand-in-hand with your brand strategy and aren’t two separate facets of the company. Dig deeper and we find that many people have not fully grasped exactly what a brand is. That is where our role is to educate with the Wunderbrand Academy. Here we provide a platform that is a bespoke, simple and easy way to ensure that your employees understand branding and its significance for business success.

Branded environments

Creating environments that are physical manifestations of a brand has been part of our DNA since Wunderbrand’s inception. When people engage with your shop, bank, station, studio or even offices they need to be enveloped by your brand. When stakeholders enter your branded environment they develop a relationship with your brand. It invokes an emotional response that they want to be associated with and encourages them to spend more time building a connection with your brand. Branded environments also help develop ways in which to manage customer behaviour within the space. We have excelled in creating cutting edge ATM galleries and “Branches of the Future” for banks across Africa. We ensure that we create meaningful engagement opportunities for your customers.

Packaging design

We have designed packaging for companies across Africa and are intimately involved in the development process from form design to label concepts. As a “mini” billboard we know that what a package looks like on the shelf is a crucial step in the purchase process.

Packaging design is a technical process where the understanding of the materials as well as manufacturing and printing methods is important. We acknowledge how consumers will interact with your product and the strategic imperatives of the business giving your product an advantage over your competitors by leading the creative approach from a strategic standpoint.


It is becoming more and more apparent that for a brand to truly participate in a very competitive and cluttered environment we need to develop a deep relationship with our stakeholders. We have to captivate people by grabbing the attention of all their senses. It is possible for your brand to become more meaningful in their lives with multi-sensory branding. They can probably see and hear you, but can they smell, touch or taste what makes your brand unique?

Wundersense aids us in identifying or creating these distinctive brand-attributes and packages them in a way that they become a significant aspect of your brand’s identity. A brand that consistently triggers all the senses at every touch point builds a stronger bond with its target market.

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