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We deliver data driven brand strategy

Brand strategy & design

We have developed brand identities for banks, insurance companies, cryptocurrencies, restaurants and even royalty. 

Our work starts with a strong strategic understanding of your business and brand strategy. From this point we are able to give you creative work that speaks to your staff and customers in a way that is memorable and relevant.  

Brand Analytics

We bring together the power of creativity with the power of AI and Machine Learning.

Brand strategy

The process of linking your business and brand strategy to create a powerful brand.


To stand out in a crowded market you need to have a brand that speaks louder than words.

Social media

Your brand is doing great things, here is how we help you get noticed.

We were founded in 2013

From humble beginnings in Africa, we have worked with great brands around the world.

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Brands for Good

We want to show the transformative power of your brand in society.

Brand New

Bringing your brand to life through bricks-and-mortar

Sustainable branding in a complex world

We want to show the transformative power of your brand in society. If you don’t have a clear strategy for this yet, we can help.

A clear roadmap for the future and clarity of activities will result in meaningful impact.

In this section you can get an idea of the type of activities we work with clients on to develop their sustainability strategy. From planning to creating and executing. If you answer yes to these problem statements, we can support your sustainability strategy, reporting and communications.

Brand sustainability challenges

  • Low of awareness of my sustainability activities
  • Low customer + staff engagement 
  • My sustainability reporting is complex
  • How do I educate suppliers and partners on activities and expectations
  • Low awareness of our positive impact
  • How to create more brand LOVE
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Featured clients

A selection of brands we have worked with over the years. 

Client reviews

We have worked with Nicholas for over 10 years and Wunderbrand has been a constant support over the years.

Omobolanle V-L Sustainability Director

Wunderbrand was tasked with creating a branding identity for a creative agency. We have been impressed with their ability to do more than what they were expected to.

Sean-Taylor Dirty+Dry UK

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