Sustainability Communications

Make your impact known

Many companies are driven by generic sustainability targets set by external parties. With more of an internal focus on longer term objectives, Wunderbrand can help you show more real change, versus trying to change the whole world at once. We develop clear themes that combine individual activities that will support the whole.  

Problem statements

  • Negative reaction to positive news
  • Lack of awareness of sustainability activities
  • Lack of clarity from target markets on our activities
  • Lack of engagement (customer/staff)
  • Sustainability reporting complexity
  • Education of suppliers and partners on activities and expectations
  • Clarity of complex relationships
  • Partner management
  • Lack of internal understanding or impact
  • How to create more brand LOVE


  • Absolute clarity of focus on impact areas
  • Clarity on target audiences and required messaging / engagement
  • DataOdyssey – understand what information is available and how it can be integrated for reporting
  • Sustainability dashboard – Integrated Reporting
  • Develop clear communication matrix of stakeholder groups
  • Planning for activities for before and after reporting – video, photo
  • Set up digital media centre for Sustainability
  • Develop content engagement plan for the year

Creating and executing

  • People stories & content – both internal and external – video and photo
  • Sustainability dashboard – integrated reporting (design and maintenance of dashboards)
  • Generating PR from 3rd parties and partners
  • Showcase before and after successes
  • Creating digital content for Digital Media Centre
  • Sustainability report design
  • Developing creative concepts to engage with stakeholders in an innovative way

We want to show the transformative power of your brand in society. If you don’t have a clear strategy for this yet, we can help.

From planning to creating and executing. If you answer yes to the problem statements listed, we can support your sustainability strategy, reporting and communications.

Here are some examples of how we work with you to develop the plan, creative and execution of your sustainability branding.

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Reporting

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