about us

Wunderbrand was started in order to provide world class brand strategy and design in emerging markets. We have kept close to our core vision by focusing our attention on businesses that want to play on the global stage, but need a bit of coaching along the way.

Bringing brand strategy into the age of AI

In a world where there is a constant struggle for brand resonance with customers it is imperative to elevate your brand above the clutter. Your proposition needs to be different and valued. Your strategy needs to take the realities of what your business is capable into consideration.

So how do we create great brands? Wunderbrand employs tried and tested tools and techniques as well as the latest innovations in AI, machine learning analytics and dashboards to understand, position and manage your brand.

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Where we operate

South Africa

This is where the majority of our staff are based, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of price arbitration using resources from one of the most creative and hard working talent pools in the world. 


Vi er basert i Oslo og har et flott team av eksperter som hjelper deg med å bygge merkevarene dine i Skandinavia og utover.


We have operated in Nigeria since 2013 and have build brands from insurance companies to creating royal crests. Nicholas is a proud oyinbo also know as …Tokunbo.

United Kingdom

We support companies in the UK to use our English speaking talent, at great rates, to deliver exceptional value. 

meet our team

Nicholas Kühne

Founder and CEO

Clarize Tucker

Creative Director

Cecile Hattingh

Client Service Director

Chien-Ming Kühne

Director - copywriter

Joakim Spakmo

Managing Director - Norway

Kristoffer Parnian

Client Service Director - Norway

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