Brand Strategy in the Age of AI

In a world where there is a constant struggle for brand resonance with customers it is imperative to elevate your brand above the clutter. Your proposition needs to be different and valued. Your strategy needs to take the realities of what your business is capable into consideration.

So how do we create great brands? Wunderbrand employs tried and tested tools and techniques as well as the latest innovations in AI, machine learning analytics and dashboards to understand, position and manage your brand.


Brand proposition

When we define your brand proposition we express what the brand stands for to each of your major stakeholders. It serves as the guiding light to achieve future success and the roadmap for the organisation, giving clarity when making business and marketing decisions.

Once your brand proposition is given life, you will know where your brand belongs in the mind of the consumer as your brand DNA will resonate with the brand’s DNA. We achieve this by taking you through a process where we determine the reason stakeholders will believe in your brand.


Brand architecture

As some companies grow organically over time they can assemble an array of brands or services that are not clearly defined and make consumer decisions more complicated.

By taking the complex realities of your business’s operations and the insight of how external stakeholders make sense of your various offerings we develop a Brand Architecture.

How these brands and services relate to each other and the business as a whole can influence everything from the perception of your company, to how efficiently you operate, and in in the end, to your bottom line.


Customer journey

It is critical for a brand to understand where its competitive advantage is. Our Competitive Landscape and Customer Segmentation process allows you to focus your attention on high value markets where you are able to differentiate your offerings.

Very often we need to understand why our competitors conduct themselves in a certain manner within the environment that we do business in. Analysis on this level can reveal opportunities in your particular market or industry that you and your competitors may not have noticed or explored.


Naming / nomenclature

Choosing the name of a brand can be one of the most critical aspects of a business. As with any name its meaning is built over time, but selecting a name, whether it is an just obvious descriptor or is coined, has to be done correctly from the beginning.


We take the subjectivity out of creating a name by focusing on the business strategy. A thorough process of testing perception via research and language enquiries through to legal checks can be done to ensure that all bases have been covered before we select a name for your brand. This can be a very creative process, but it is also an undertaking of great consequence.

Our full strategy offering

  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing and Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Architecture
  • Sustainability Branding
  • Naming & Nomenclature
  • Internal Branding and Communication
  • Wundersense
  • Communication strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Brand healthcheck
  • Futureproofing
  • Brand auditing
  • AI Driven brand analytics
  • Brand Dashboard

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