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This is how we help you manage your brand.

A brand can be seen as an organic creature that needs to be nurtured. Wunderbrand has you covered with our brand management services. 

Brand consistency management

Consistency builds trust and value in your brand. Standards need to be set and if they are not adhered to at each point of contact, each one becomes a chink in the amour. Our experience tells us that brand consistency needs to be managed on an ongoing basis.

This way we become an integral part in managing your investment, but also gives us the opportunity to report on the status of your brand from an objective perspective.


Brand consistency management

Our experience in integrating big data and data science in brand strategy means we are well placed to support your brand growth.

We provide dashboards and analytics integrating both structured and unstructured data to create a holistic view of your brand.

Once you understand your brand in granular detail we are able to start generating concepts that utilise these new insights to create more meaningful engagement with your customers.

With our AI powered brand strategy offering, we are able to integrate both your communication data with sales, consumer and staff sentiment analysis.

With our offering you are able to do the following:

  • Understand the sentiment of various target markets relating to a brand or product in your portfolio
  • Analyse both structured and unstructured data in a way that has never been analysed before

Brand Healthcheck

The Brand Health Check provides you with a holistic overview on the current state of your brand.

Brand Analytics

We bring together the power of creativity with the power of AI and Machine Learning.

Brand strategy

The process of linking your business and brand strategy to create a powerful brand.


To stand out in a crowded market you need to have a brand that speaks louder than words.

Social media

Your brand is doing great things, here is how we help you get noticed.

Ready to brand?

We help businesses build their brands over time, ask us how!

Free training resource

If you have a new team or are new to the world of writing briefs and giving feedback, this would be a useful guide to help you get the best from your team and agency.