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Brand Strategy in the Age of AI

Bringing brand strategy into the age of AI Posted by Nicholas Kühne  In a world where there is a constant struggle for brand resonance with customers it is imperative to elevate your brand above the clutter. Your proposition needs to be different and valued. Your strategy needs to take the realities of what your business […]

Brand Data Analytics

The Importance of Brand Analytics Posted by Nicholas Kühne in 2022  Are you trying to decide on the next step for your business? Have you been looking for a way to track the success of your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You need to learn about brand analytics. Brand analytics can […]

Using AI to improve brand value

Using AI to improve brand value Posted by Nicholas Kühne  How do I improve my brand value with AI and big data? Brand strategy AI Analytics is a new field of brand management whereby big data is used to help businesses with complex brands and audiences, manage themselves better. In an increasingly complex world where […]