This is how we help you manage your brand.

Strategy needs to be to be driven and maintained by an organisation’s leadership, but it is also Wunderbrand’s role to take responsibility of ensuring that all components of a brand are rolled out correctly. As important as it is to know how to execute a strategy correctly it is just as important to maintain the standards that were set for the brand on an ongoing basis.

Brand consistency management

The way, in which a brand presents itself, wherever people come into contact with it, needs to be consistent. The biggest brands in the world understand that great brands have to enforce specifications that ensure that stakeholders have the same experience every time they engage with them. 

Consistency builds trust and value in your brand. Standards need to be set and if they are not adhered to at each point of contact, each one becomes a chink in the amour. Our experience tells us that brand consistency needs to be managed on an ongoing basis.

This way we become an integral part in managing your investment, but also gives us the opportunity to report on the status of your brand from an objective perspective.


We have production capacity to produce adverts for both above-the-line and below-the-line activities. 

We support brands with printing and delivery of all manners of printed items, from annual reports to corporate wear.

We also use 3D printing to produce on of concept items. 

Brand startup kits

There is potential to build excellent local brands, but some of these businesses are in their infancy. In many cases these brands need to compete with bigger players or many other similar businesses in their industry. At Wunderbrand we believe in building great brands.

Our whole reason for being is to help companies, like yours, to become successful. But how many emerging companies can afford world class brand strategy and design when they are in the early stages of their business? We are have been approached by so many businesses with the same dilemma and that is why we have developed the Brand Start Up Kit. 

We have three qualifying criteria for the Brand Start Up Kit. 

1. Is your company less than 5 years old? 

2. Do you have the potential to become a serious contender in your industry? 

3. Do you need world-class brand guidance 


It is becoming more and more apparent that for a brand to truly participate in a very competitive and cluttered environment we need to develop a deep relationship with our stakeholders. We have to captivate people by grabbing the attention of all their senses. It is possible for your brand to become more meaningful in their lives with multi-sensory branding. They can probably see and hear you, but can they smell, touch or taste what makes your brand unique? 

Wundersense aids us in identifying or creating these distinctive brand attributes and packages them in a way that they become a significant aspect of your brand’s identity. A brand that consistently triggers all the senses at every touch point builds a stronger bond with its target market.

Animation & Film

With our experience working for companies such as Comedy Central and MTV we have a host of experience in delivering great branded animated content. 

From ATM animation to thematic campaigns for launches we are able to support you with your animation and film needs. 

Brand training

There still seems to be many questions with regards to how your brand strategy impacts your business. Our philosophy says that your business strategy works hand-in-hand with your brand strategy and aren’t two separate facets of the company. Dig deeper and we find that many people have not fully grasped exactly what a brand is. That is where our role is to educate with the Wunderbrand Academy. 

Here we provide a platform that is a bespoke, simple and easy way to ensure that your employees understand branding and its significance for business success.

Brand Healthcheck

The Brand Health Check provides you with a holistic overview on the current state of your brand. With our expertise, it takes into consideration the competitor environment, the effectiveness of your brand communications channels and various marketing touch points. If you want to confirm that what you are doing in the market is on track or could be improved this is the process we would suggest. 

Having a bird’s eye view of how your brand is performing is a powerful way to identify where strengths and weaknesses lie. Ultimately, this will give you the confidence to decide what steps are needed to achieve greatness with your brand.

AI brand analytics

Our experience in integrating big data and data science in brand strategy means we are well placed to support your brand growth. 

We provide dashboards and analytics integrating both structured and unstructured data to create a holistic view of your brand. 

Once you understand your brand in granular detail we are able to start generating concepts that utilise these new insights to create more meaningful engagement with your customers. 

With our AI powered brand strategy offering, we are able to integrate both your communication data with sales, consumer and staff sentiment analysis.

With our offering you are able to do the following:

  • Understand the sentiment of various target markets relating to a brand or product in your portfolio

  • Analyse both structured and unstructured data in a way that has never been analysed before


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