Visualising brands

In business, design is a not only a matter of simply making things look good. It is an important and strategic aspect of building a brand. Design needs to make sense for the business; it serves as a visual way in which to communicate what a brand stands for. 

Humans are visual beings and first impressions count, therefore the way you present yourself to your market needs to be thoroughly thought through and planned. Wunderbrand has a fantastic creative team who has vast experience in interpreting strategy to bring visual identities to life.

A corporate identity is the designed visual representation of your brand. It is much more than just a logo, but rather the culmination of elements such as logo, photographic style, text layout and fonts, colour palette and many other graphic elements. 

Carefully combined they form your visual identity which guides the design of everything from your business cards and website to your social media style. The consistent application of your corporate identity instills trust and conveys professionalism to all who interacts with your brand. Depending on your needs we create completely new identities or refresh existing corporate identities to be more relevant for the current environment and customer. 

All this design work leads to compiling a brand manual, which serves as the “blueprint” to ensure consistent application of the brand on all design elements. We have a diverse group of designers each with amazing insights in developing great brands.

Our Wunderbrand design philosophy is based on strict adherence to your corporate brand strategy. We are not a creative hot shop aiming to change design paradigms  and create a “shock of the new.”(Editors note*even though our creative team would be displeased hearing this). 

Our creative strategy is based on delivering the message that the brand wishes to convey. The aim of the brand strategy agency is to create the box within which advertising agencies have to find creative expression within. The worst brief in the world is one which says “you have carte blanche”. Our role is to build a solid and consistent brand identity which allows creative expression within tight parameters, this challenges the creative team to use all available brand assets to create and build a visual language that is recognisable and replicable. 

Examples of our corporate identity work

We have designed packaging for companies across Africa and are intimately involved in the development process from form design to label concepts. As a “mini” billboard we know that what a package looks like on the shelf is a crucial step in the purchase process.

Packaging design is a technical process where the understanding of the materials as well as manufacturing and printing methods is important. We acknowledge how consumers will interact with your product and the strategic imperatives of the business giving your product an advantage over your competitors by leading the creative approach from a strategic standpoint.

Packaging examples