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About Us

We are a data driven brand strategy agency. Being able to create credible and relevant brand stories has never been more relevant, that's why we are here.



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Creating brands

Wunderbrand is able to provide your business with a rigorous brand assessment framework, allowing you to keep constant control of your brand and to make incremental changes as and when necessary.

Emerging market focus

At Wunderbrand Emerging Markets means Emerging Consumers - and how your brand is going to captivate them.
Who are these people you are targeting? How do they understand the messages they see and how do they expect to interact with the brands that send them? What’s the key trigger to their choosing your brand?

Managing brands

Wunderbrand typically offers its approaches as standalone frameworks that are relevant when a brand or company is undergoing significant change, the ideal situation sees a business continually assess and tweak their brand.

Brand strategy

In a world where there is a constant struggle for brand resonance with customers it is imperative to elevate your brand above the clutter. Your proposition needs to be different and valued. Your strategy needs to take the realities of what your business is capable of into consideration.